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Hello who ever you are! You are probably in trouble and in urgent need of help for your problems. Rather than listing  a random list of “Frequently Asked Question’s” which invariably are not the ones you were going to ask anyway. We recommend that you go straight to our Forum and post a question on whatever section applies. Here a band of fellow Lightweight owners and enthusiast’s with a encyclopedic knowledge of anything Lightweight, that you will need help to solve that problem.

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Club history

The Lightweight Land Rover Club was conceived in 1990 when a group of owners checking in entrants for the Lancashire & Cheshire National Rally observed that there were clubs for other marques of Land Rover.

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Lightweight history

The 1/2 ton military vehicle was developed by ROVER in conjunction with the British Fighting Vehicles Research and Development Establishment to meet a specific requirement for an air portable vehicle with a half ton payload and being capable of towing light support weapons.

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We are always delighted to welcome new members whether you’ve currently got a Lightweight, are searching for one or just love the marque.

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Answers to technical issues, rebuild updates, news and events can be found on our busy forum. We're a friendly and helpful lot, so why not join up and see what you can discover?

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